I have been researching information on the lost continent of Atlantis most of my life and today with modern tools we are coming closer to finding out much more of our origins and our ancesters. One of todays best tools for finding out this information is Google Earth….

January 31, 2010 - 6 Responses

https://youtu.be/JEZPUAHqdEc  I have searched all kinds of maps video books anything i can find on written texts of the subject “Atlantis” i have looked at modern satellite images and i have found that google earth has been the best tool for the job. I believe Atlantis is where plato said it was, just beyond the pillars of Hercules. just off the coast of spain, so if you look out ahead if you were standing on the beaches of spain towards the Americas, “its right there; “The Great Meteor Table mount” so i have made several videos to give my example of  what could possibly be it. Atlantis~!